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Here is the place to list tasks and make suggestions in order to improve the functionality of habits.wiki.

Open Tasks:[Bearbeiten]

Make all semantic forms and all the semantic properties multilingual[Bearbeiten]

It is not necessary to make this translatable for all users but there should be an easy way to get new translations inside the system for an admin. I would like to have a big xml file with all the languages and all the translations inside that I can update and upload like I want. If a user changes his language, the whole site should change, so he can fill the semantic forms in his language and read habits descriptions in his language. Only the description of the habits and other free editable text, without dropdown menu or list, should be translatable for users, like it is in the extension:translate.

Implement an easy way for users to create queries about different countries[Bearbeiten]

For example:

  1. Compare two countries. Shows a comparison of the habits of the selected countries, including the unfilled. There should be a link to the certain semantic form to describe this unfilled habit.
  2. Compare all countries with respect to one habit. Shows a List of all countries and the selected habits descriptions.
  3. Show all countries meeting one specific Habits Description. e.g.: Show all countries with the toilette outside of the own house.

Implement a Voting function in order to make other opinions, about certain habits, visible and votable[Bearbeiten]

This should be limited with a number of opinions. I think that three or five opinions would represent the main currents in a country but it should not distract the view of the generalization that is part of habits.wiki because it is about the country-specific habits. In order to make the querrys (discribed above) look good, only the vote winner should be shown there. If habits.wiki grows big anoth we can implement a new, more location specific, habits collecting system.

Suggestions for new tasks:[Bearbeiten]

If anybody has reasonable ideas or suggestions for new tasks, please add them here.