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BM: Yeah, ya know, a lot of the stuff you probably read felt like a protective layer, and I thought I would feel very vulnerable, especially with short interviews. It's very awkward to talk about [the untimely deaths of my mother and brother, who were both schizophrenics and did not receive proper treatment].

Ec: People who have intuitive hits will say that they had a feeling, they heard a word or a phrase, saw some type of picture pop up in their mind or they just knew. These intuitive hits do have "official" names besides butterflies fighting in the abdomen, hearing the lyrics from a Steely Dan song, a photo of a mountain on fire or being Miss Know It All. Can you please share what they are and it is true that some people pick up their guidance through smell?

You can't worry about missing. It's going to happen. Accept the fact that you're going to miss shots in every game that you play. If you can accept this, you will become a better player.

As a young man I spent many years wandering around the country. I can truthfully say there is but one state that I have not been in and that is Alaska. In the early sixties I landed in New Orleans where I went to work and hung out with a crowd of pretty wild young people. In the'City That Care Forgot,' it was indeed easy to forget just about anything other than partying and having a good time. I imbibed in alcohol, psychedelics, marijuana and a lot of foolish behavior. As the playing deepened to the stage where it seemed more like work I was growing increasingly restless and exasperated. At the height of my partying I was experiencing a depth of despair. The best parties have to end.

I could do this for 2 years because my girlfriend, whom I was living with at the time, who had 4 kids (not mine), and was on public assistance, supported me the whole time. I had no money. I had stopped doing gigs. I was totally financially dependent on her most of the time!

Think of a slice of apple pie often enough and before you know it , you will be eating a slice of apple pie. When you hold a picture or symbol in your minds eye, the Law of Mental Radionics connects you to the energy of your mental picture in the Quantum Ocean.

This post was inspired after somebody recently suggested to me that training isn't necessary to become a coach therapy, but having a great general knowledge is.

Getting to the Alpha level is best for re-programming yourself. Eight-five percent of all medical problems (including overeating and weight problems) are associated with unresolved tension and stress held in the body. Getting to Alpha will definitely help you break up this unresolved tension and move you to a more stable control of your eating. What is more, you can reprogram yourself easily when you mind is in Alpha.

Hypnosis... One of the more useful methods to reach the apha trance and most misunderstood is hypnosis. Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation and when combined with recorded suggestions it becomes a powerful tool to reprogram you mind. You are in control and cannot be forced to do things against your will. Hypnosis can put you in the apha trance quickly and deeply..

I did this in some from or another for about 15 years straight! During that time there was probably only about 5 to 6 hours out of a day when I wasn't high and that's when I was asleep! And I was probably high even then!

You might want to come up with your own method to stop thinking during games. Often times, simply being aware of the common problem can tremendously help players.